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First-class procurement agency service​

First-class procurement agency service

Snorder has a mature purchasing agent system service and win many clients, help clients to solve problems in purchasing and transporting at any time. 

First-class personal service​

First-class personal service

Snorder is devoted to provide personal service. Reasonable solution is offered while clients are consulting, and customized product is available with a certain quantities while clients need.

First-class products supplier

First-class products supplier

Snorder is focusing on providing high-performance products with competitive price to clients, especially on supplying LED Lighting products.

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    Snorder: New Chance, New Start

    Zhongshan Snorder Import & Export Co. Ltd was established, which is located in Shiqi district Zhongshan city, Guangdong Province, China, specializing in import and export of goods and technology, selling LED lighting, lighting accessories and other kinds of lighting, metal products, household products and plastic products.




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